My qualifications

  • IMTA Accredited meditation teacher-                  I was introduced to mindfulness meditation in 1977 and have been teaching since 2001.
  • Certified Komyo Reiki teacher/practitioner- Reiki has been transformational in my life since I became a certified teacher in 1998. I am a student and protege of the founder of Komyo Reiki, Japanese Buddhist Monk, Hyakuten Inamoto
  • I have been teaching my clients how to use EFT Tapping since being introduced in 2003. I have studied with several teachers including,  author of The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner.
  • Contributing author of Animal Reiki Tails II
  • Sacramento Holistic Health Examiner on
  • Founder of Healing Alternatives Meditation Center having served the Sacramento area from 2001 - 2014

  About Lisa and Healing Alternatives

Healing Alternatives

More bio details...if you're not in a hurry

Although I knew this to be true from my experience, I wanted to know why. My interest in the noetic sciences (noetic meaning having to do with consciousness) was piqued.  I have been a supporting member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) for many years.
Thanks to the many wonderful scientists and visionaries  like Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten, Bruce Lipton, and Beverly Rubik, just to name a few, we are beginning to have a greater understanding of how and why this amazing experience of humanity works the way it does.
In 1977 my very forward thinking high school gym teacher, Debra Brader, introduced us to mindfulness meditation. Although I struggled to develop a practice on my own, I knew there was something amazing in store for me.
It wasn’t until I moved from Missouri to Northern California in 1985 that I was able to participate in formal meditation instruction and guidance. By this time, I had already struggled through the tough stuff and was ready for the spiritual unfoldment that continues today.
Traditional Japanese Reiki was a perfect complement to add deep healing to my meditation practice. Reiki is like a turbo boost to any existing spiritual practice.
I hold a Master/Teacher level degree in Usui Reiki Ryoho (Westernized) in Traditional Japanese Reiki I have studied under and become a protégé of the founder of Komyo Reiki, Japanese Buddhist Monk, Hyakuten Inamoto. Komyo Reiki Kai (translation: Method of Enlightenment through Spiritual Energy) is not only a path to healing for me, but a spiritual path as well.
Spending time every day in deep, energy healing meditation to create peace, health and happiness in my life gives me the ability to assist others in their healing.
Since 2001, teaching and practicing Reiki has been a full time profession for me. In that time I have helped doctors, nurses, therapists, healing practitioners, CEOs, professional athletes, moms, dads and students
and retirees  to find peace, healing and insight...I can help you too.

My, how we've grown

I opened Healing Alternatives Meditation Center in Carmichael, California in September of 2001. I started out with a 350-square-foot room teaching meditation and sharing Reiki. Soon people were sitting on the floor, packed in shoulder to shoulder and knee to back. I had to open the door and teach from out in the hall. Needless to say, we quickly grew to a wellness center with five teachers/practitioners, a large dedicated classroom and three private offices.
At HAMC our focus was mind/body healing and that continues to be my focus today. However, I felt we could still offer our clients more for their holistic health. Meanwhile, down the street, was my friend, Dr. Tony Baratta at Baratta Chiropractic and Wellness. Tony and his staff were focusing on physical wellness and also felt they could offer their clients more.
This past March I joined Tony in his center. We expanded the office space and brought in
other practitioners to offer you a more all inclusive holistic wellness center...Baratta Holistic Center. I am thrilled to be a part of the manifestation of this vision that Tony and I have both shared for so many years.
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